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Magic 710 Touch
1. Variable output voltage: 3-tap to adjust output voltage, LED will be on for notification (2.5V, white; 3.0V, blue; 3.5V, green; 4.0V, red). 2. Preheat: 1.8V, 15S, 4-tap to enter into preheating mode, 1-tap or inhale to stop when preheating.
Pico Mini
1. Individual cartridge-storing chamber, convenient to carry; 2. Portable and fashionable design, simple operation; 3. Fast-preheating function; 4. Anode without spring adopted to avoid connecting problems; 5. A-class battery core inside with multiple
Xtank Pro
Full ceramic heating core for increased vapor flow and pure flavor. Unique 5-hole oil intake design for efficient burning and ideal oil flow. Upgraded sealing design of vaping rod for better sealing control and more filling space. Vaping rod has specia
1. Abundant vapor with consistent avor; 2. Multiple heating coils inside for fast heating with stable performance; 3. Simplied design, simple operation; 4. Support 2 optional and free vaping ways; 5. Rechargeable 1000mAh A-class battery core with mu
PIPE 710
PIPE 710 FOLDING STYLE Mini pipe, flexible vaping angle as you like 1. 900 mAh large capacity, stable performance; 2. Adjustable output voltage, flexible vaping angle; 3. No worries about cold weather with preheating function; 4. Rechargeable batt
Xtank Plus
Contents of kit: 1xXTANK 1.2ML(1.4Ohm,Ceramic coil) 1xGift box